These muckrakers are going a tumblin' so you best be looking out.
~ Sunday, April 1 ~

Dear readers,

We promise we haven’t forgotten you! The past few weeks the AWOL team has been working tirelessly on the content for our Spring issue. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of our Winter issue with links so you can gripe or praise what we wrote with ease.

Here’s what’s inside.

Our Shouts from the Corner section, comprised of “informed opinion and provocative editorial,” contains:

• Swapping Swipes for Local Eats, where Taylor Kenkel explains why we should be eating local and how to do it.

• Pet Worth: Runaway Costs of Runaway Pets, a story about the incredible lengths two particular pet owners in the area have gone to find their beloved Sassafras written by Eleanor Greene.

• Joe Gruenbaum sits down with a couple of conservative students and decides that they aren’t all that bad in Not a Dry Campus: Drunk on Liberalism.

As always, our Field Reports are stock full of “in-depth examination of the issues that matter.”

• The District After Dark: Keeping Sex Workers on the Street, written by Ashley Dejean, takes a look at the local politics and structural violence surrounding sex work in DC.

• Kelcie Pegher profiles veterans and their experience with the Yellow Ribbon program in Student Vets: Wearing the Yellow Ribbon.

• Ashley Dejean takes a look at a youth empowerment program in the slums of Mumbai through a photoessay entitled Dancing Across Cultures: Youth in India Learn Brazilian Capoeira.

On a lighter note, our Jabs and Jest section contains “innovation, wit and cogent wisdom.” Or, at least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

• AU has a pirate on staff? Read Professor Bratman on Localizing Development.

• We have some suspicions too about what Allison Butler’s been up to lately on account of her how-to guide Rocktopi Baby: Raising an Infant Octopus in AU’s Dorms.

• In search of the best independent bookstores in the city, Claire Dapkiewicz and Melanie Germond went on an adventure and tell you the “dusty facts” in A Good Read on Every Corner: Ye Olde DC Booke Krawle.

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